After more than 25 years of experience and contact with Asian culture, the people and experience from many travels trough India, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and China, I established the massage and meditation center TANTRA SLOVENIA. When visiting Buddhist and Hindu temples I started to experience their philosophy about their understanding of everything alive and not-alive which is the complete opposite with todays (so called) modern life.

We have never been as connected as we are now. Many social networks show the tendency of gathering in groups and virtual communication. Despite all the modern communication technology, the personal relationships have never been at such a low level as they are now.
I finished med university, passed the full training of traditional Thai massage in Bangkok, organized many classes in Europe, passed the TANTRA massage school in Milano and practicing Yoga on a daily bases is just a fraction of knowledge I pass on all masseuses employed in our massage and meditation center TANTRA SLOVENIA.
Don’t hesitate calling and visiting us or just stop by for a cup of coffee.

Tantra slovenia
Let’s put it in the words of BUDDHA
There is no such thing as past or future. It’s all about the moment you’re in now, everything else is just an illusion.