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The word massage originates from the Latin word »massare« which means kneading or from Arabic word “mas” which means pushing. The word “massage” had been first used in the French literature in 1813 (Lepage). It truly exists for centuries because people were caressing the ill and applying different herbs on the ill parts of the body. Massages date back to 3000 B.C. to the Asian territory. Development of the massage techniques developed side by side with the traditional medicine and acupuncture, which had an effect on the development of the new Shiatzu massage technique in Japan (Shi-atzu = applying pressure with fingers)

Massage was used also by Egyptians, Asirians, Persians, Romans and Greek (Hipokrates and Galen) as a method of treating different diseases. There are also records about the first sport massages published in the medical records by Greek resident Oribasius who was persona physician of the Roman Emperar Julian de Apostate from the 4 century A.C. Swedish born Per Henrik was the founder of advanced massage and kinetictherapy. That is why the classic massage is also called Swedish massage.

Different massage techniques were developed in different cultures and therefore we can list several different popular massage techniques.

  1. Classic or Swedish massage

It consists of long and soft touches and tapping in rhythmically sequence along the muscles, which provides relaxation of the body.

  1. Therapeutic massage

The process of therapeutic massage is the same as the classic, but this one focuses on the ill parts of the body.

  1. Lymphatic Drain

Lymphatic hand drain is a therapeutic method which gets rid of all the fluid between the cells. That is achieved with the slow gentle and repeated movements.

  1. Sport massage

It is a specialized massage for people who practice any kind of sport. The sport massage techniques are focused on separate muscle groups active in all kind of sports. It serves for preparation and maintaining the form, improving psycho-physical health and prevention and healing of possible injuries.

  1. Massage with oils or aromatherapy

It is a form on a classic massage techniques with the use of massage oils. Etheric oils from different plants are used in this massage. With the use of etheric oils we increase the medical effects and react a point of relaxation. The oils are also therapeutic to the skin itself.

  1. Shiatzu Japanese massage

The masseuse uses different rhythmical pressures on certain parts of the body. They are called acupressure points, which follow meridians.

  1. Reflex foot massage

This massage is based on the foot pressure points. The foot consist of thousands of bio-electric nerve endings. The technique can also be used on hands and ears. The pressure on a certain point stimulates a reaction in a certain part of the body. There is a saying that it connects the body and the mind.

  1. Traditional Thai massage

is a combination of acupressure, different yoga positions and stretching. All the tensions and pain disappears and the new energy and relaxation fills the body. The massage stimulates the blood flow and improves the energy flow.

  1. Tantra massage

For those who like spirituality Tantra represents complete physical and spiritual connection with the partner and therapist and entrance into transcendence field.

  1. Sensual, erotic massage or Body 2 Body massage

The condition for quality implementation of erotic massage is good knowledge of classic massage and aroma therapy because is consists of many elements of classic massage. There are many different ways to practice erotic massages such as: Body 2 Body, 4-handed synchronous massage with two masseuses, massage with soap… The masseuse must also have a very good personality which also has to look good. There is a happy end to every erotic massage.