What is Tantra

Tantra SlovenijaYoga and Tantra form the primordial core of the Indian spiritual tradition, a foundation deeply connected to universal philosophies. Much has been written and discussed regarding these studies, but due to their profoundness and hidden symbolism they remain opaque. A secret throughout the centuries, Tantra remains diffuse, mysterious and puzzling yet constantly present in the diversity of yoga techniques, especially in its Tibetan forms.

With a determined investigation, it presents a genuine science of man where cosmic forces mingle with physiology, psychology, magic and spiritualism. Tantra offers a practical, multi-leveled vision of the human being, a unified theory that explains the most intimate aspects of man’s behavior which have evaded current research. A detailed, sincere study and practice of Tantra would contribute to the enrichment of contemporary science and psychology in a manner not as yet conceived.

So, what exactly is tantra? We were surprised to find that it’s not actually about sex at all—or specifically, not at all about sexual technique. It’s really about the bedrock of intimacy—and re-establishing sexual polarity, or in laymen terms, sexual tension.

The human body, with all its biological and psycho-mental processes, is only an instrument in which and through which the cosmic forces operate. The individual human structure and the outer macro cosmic manifestation, or Universe, are similar. Therefore all that exists in the Universe should also exist in a certain form and proportion in the micro cosmos , i.e. the human body.

The Tantric philosophy itself includes in its theory all the levels of the Universe and gives a paramount importance to astronomy, biology, parapsychology, anatomy, meditation, medicine, music, art and even sexuality. In fact, the sexual experience, considered to be a unification of the Everlasting Male (+) and Everlasting Female (-) principle, has a very important place in Tantric techniques and procedures which are often profoundly erotic.

Another important aspect in Tantra Yoga, which is emphasized in the teachings, is that the libido, when manifested as sexual drive, is not at all considered to be only sensuality but, at the innermost levels, as the soul’s ardent yearning for spiritual perfection. Here the erotic impulse appears as the psyche’s abyssal thirst to reach perfection through unity of complementary polar opposites. In this way, re-born as a genuine Androgyne of the Secret Tradition — magical child of Shiva and Shakti — the Individual Spirit will have access to the highest levels of Consciousness.

Tantra is a genuine and exceptional form of yoga which puts sexuality in its right place, recreating the missing spiritual dimension of the sexual experience. This practice expands the human consciousness to the greatest extent and considerably enriches the knowledge of Man and the Universe. At the same time, through the surprising links established among apparently heterogenous phenomena and scientific facts, Tantra opens the road toward infinite horizons, where many extraordinary discoveries wait for the tireless practitioner.

Alesh Kopach